Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash

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A no fuss, no muss retractable leash.

Designed for daily use: our Retractable Dog Leash  is light-weight and durable, created for pet parents who want to give their furry friend more freedom while maintaining safety and control at all times,

This leash automatically adjusts the leash to a desired leash Length, perfect for daily use - from every roam to long hike.

Toughness and durability

This durable Retractable pet leash equipped with 10ft/3M nylon Ribbon, strong and durable. Tough ABS plastic casing prevents impact cracking caused by accidental falling. A chrome-plated snap hook with 360°Swivel reinforced at the joint.

Reliable and safety one bottom lock system

Upgraded one-handed locking technology built to run smoothly and automatically adjusts to a desired leash Length with max control and safety..



    How to Measure Your Dog

    Penny always recommends precisely measuring your pet prior to purchasing new pupplies to ensure an accurate fit. Relying on your pet's weight alone can lead to an improper fit.

    Taking their Measurements

    It is important to note that when measuring your pup, it must not be too tight or too lose.  You need to be as exact as possible.  Using a tape measure, you will measure the following in inches:

    Neck: Measure the circumference of the neck at the widest point. 

    Girth: Measure the circumference of the mid section, just below the chest and above the belly.  You only measure the belly at it's smallest point, right before their rear legs.

    Body Length: Measure the length along their backbone (right below their collar) from the base of the head to the base of the tail. 

    Leg Length: Measure the length by starting right at the base of the tail and let the measuring tape fall to the side of the leg.  Leave a 1" allowance for any pant garment to prevent your pup from stepping on them. 

    Vest Length: Measure along the backbone from the base of the head up to the belly.  

    Taking their Weight:

    Using a weighing scale, measure their weight in pounds.  If you don't have one at home, most veterinary clinics have one in their lobby. Although weight alone is not a reliable basis for sizing, their weight along with the above measurements will ensure the most accurate sizing for your pup. 

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